What Do You Study In The Army?

How do you get into the army?

The following are the basic requirements for enlisting:You must be a U.S.

citizen or a resident alien.Be between the ages of 17-34.

Have a high school diploma.Have no more than two dependents.Take and pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test.More items….

How much can you make in the army?

RankRank<2 years experience6 experienceprivate (e1)$20,170.80**$20,170.80private (e2)$22,608.00$22,608.00private first class(e3)$23,774.40$26,802.00specialist or corporal (e4)$26,334.00$31,968.002 more rows•jan 30, 2019

Should I enlist or go officer?

Enlisted personnel have specialties within the Military. After you enlist, you may work toward a college degree and strive to become an officer, if you wish. The top rank that can be earned for initial enlistment is E-3. … You may opt to earn a college degree first, then join as an officer.

Do army officers travel a lot?

Yes They can definably travel world without much worry. Even they are part of that crowd who can travel anywhere in world without much finance tension. Indian government Pay Armed forces officers much more than any other Government sector ( if include all allowance.)

What degrees does the Army want?

Find out which degree is right for youStrategic Intelligence. … Criminal Justice. … Management Information Systems (MIS) … Political Science. … Healthcare – Nursing, Biology, Radiology. … Philosophy. … Psychology. … Theology (military chaplains)More items…

What do army officers do?

Commissioned Officers are the managers, problem solvers, key influencers and planners who lead Enlisted Soldiers in all situations. act as managers to those Soldiers. They plan missions, give orders, and assign Soldiers to tasks.

Do lieutenants go to war?

In any ground war, the majority of the fighting is done by the infantry, and the second lieutenant of an infantry platoon can expect to lead soldiers in combat or to train them for that possibility.

What do you study in the military?

A broad curriculum also includes courses in the humanities, such as philosophy, political science or sociology. Many undergraduate military studies programs are designed for ROTC students, which include courses in history, land navigation and leadership, to name a few.

Can you study while in the Army?

“That allows active-duty service members to attend college while they are still in uniform and still serving, so there are definitely strong and robust programs for that.” Since the process and eligibility requirements vary, students should consult their service’s program.

Is it hard to become an army officer?

Being an officer is a demanding profession and becoming one can be even more challenging. The U.S. Army currently has three paths to a commission: the United States Military Academy at West Point, Reserve Officer Training Corps and the U.S. Army Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Can I join Army after 12th?

After Class 12, students can join Army through NDA Those who want to join the Indian Army after 12th can join the National Defense Academy (NDA), the Indian Armed Forces’ Joint Services academy. Only male candidates aged between 16-and-a-half and 19 years are eligible. Students must clear the NDA Exam held by UPSC.

How competitive is Army OCS?

Only about 60 percent of all those who apply are accepted for attendance at OCS. Civilian college graduate and current military candidates do not compete with each other for available OCS slots.

Is it better to enlist or become an officer?

Officers will start out at a higher pay grade than enlisted personnel, though enlisted service members are eligible for a variety of bonuses that can be quite substantial. Officers will also receive higher benefits such as monthly Basic Allowance for Housing.

Which subject is best for Army?

If you are studying Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics – you can opt for technical branches. If you are studying civics, economics, commerce or accountancy or any other subjects, you can join on the non-technical side.So, better take subjects which you like most- to be able to do better in those subjects.

Which degree is best for Army?

Best Degrees For A Military CareerComputer science. This is a rigorous and rapidly growing degree that has many applications in all military fields, as well as global usefulness outside of the military. … Engineering. … Data science or data analytics. … Medical fields. … Management or business administrations. … Linguistics or international relations.

Do Army officers fight?

Yes, Infantry Officers do fight. Given, their most powerful weapon is their radio. … However, most Officers (including Infantry) will spend most of their time in staff roles where they will not have a direct role in combat operations, but will support them.

How many hours do army officers work?

Working conditions vary greatly, but in all cases, standards of appearance and behavior are regulated. While forty-hour weeks are common, many officers must work odd, long hours.

How long is Army basic training?

10 weeksHow long will my Soldier be in basic training? Basic Combat Training for all Military Occupation Specialties (MOS) in the Army lasts 10 weeks. Infantry and Armor OSUT lasts from 14 to 16 weeks depending on your soldier’s MOS.