Quick Answer: Is It Weird To Give A Guy Your Number?

Why would a guy ask for your number?

You don’t know.

Some guys go around just collecting phone numbers because it’s good practice for hitting on women.

If a guy is interested in you, treats you like a lady, and you send him good signals (you are user friendly) and as you break apart, he asks for a phone number, it means he’s interested..

Is it safe to give strangers your phone number?

Avoid sharing your real cell phone number on social media or give them to strangers freely. Organizations exist that provide you with a false second number for a fee. That way, you can give out those numbers to contacts you are not so sure you want to have dealings with again.

How do you give a guy your number without looking desperate?

First Up… The Don’ts And Dos of Passing Along Your NumberDO NOT shoot him your email if you’re not willing to entrust him with your number. … DO keep in mind confidence is golden. … DO NOT EVER fake your number. … DO pretty please tell him if you’re not interested. … Devilish Moves:More items…•

What do you text a guy when he gives you his number?

Just text him saying “Hey it’s *your name* :)”. Text him whenever! He clearly wants to hear from you if he gave you his number. Also try asking if you can call him sometime, find a time you guys can meet up and go on a date.

Is it okay to give a guy your number?

Give him your number if and only if you are ready to accept his calls or reply to his messages. If you don’t like him, don’t give him your number. If you give your number and later complain because he’s calling you too many times or messaging you non stop or is flirting with you, it ultimately is also your fault.

How do you give a guy your number?

Ask him to help you with work.Flirt with him.Straight up give him your number.Put the number in his bag/pocket with your name on it.Make friends with him.Try and plan an event that he’d like to go to.Say that your phone isn’t working, and ask if he can call it.Say you’ve lost your phone.More items…