Quick Answer: How Do I Get Nightbot?

What are some good Nightbot commands?

Channel CommandsCommandMessageUserlevel!bestBEST IN THE WORLD https://clips.twitch.tv/SincereSmellyQueleaBabyRageeveryone!bestmodThey’re all dogshiteveryone!bindsSwitch mode- Y | Jump- A | Edit- B | Reset Edit- RB | Confirm Edit- LT | Pickaxe- Left Stick | CONFIRM EDIT ON RELEASE OFFeveryone7 more rows.

Why is it called Nightbot?

When SFX360, the company he worked for, closed down it was renamed to “Konabot” for a very short period of time. Kona didn’t want the bot named after him, so he suggested “Nightbot” which is what it’s still named as today.

What to talk about while streaming?

Talk About Your Day-to-Day Life Make sure to change names and to avoid giving information that would let them track you down. Talk about your future plans and things that you hope to do. Share why you started gaming and streaming. Get yourself hyped by talking about things that you love.

How do I turn off Nightbot?

To remove Nightbot, you can type “! nightbot remove” in your chat or visit https://beta.nightbot.tv, login, and click “Part Channel.”

Can Nightbot thank followers?

Nightbot doesn’t offer in-chat follower alerts.

Can mods add commands to Nightbot?

The !commands command allows users to get a link to your custom commands page and allows you and your moderators to add, remove, and modify custom commands.

How do you set up Nightbot commands?

To create custom commands, click on the “Add Command” button on your commands page. Then, fill in the form with your desired command name, message, userlevel, and cooldown.

Does Nightbot cost money?

Nightbot is the most-popular chatbot amongst Twitch streamers due to its many features and streamlined user dashboard. It’s a great chatbot for beginners. Nightbot is completely free and can be used to moderate chat posts, filter spam, schedule messages, run competitions, and perform a countdown to an event.

Why is Nightbot not in my channel?

Your stream must be live and public, also Nightbot needs to have been joined via the control panel. If Nightbot still isn’t responding your channel, it’s either not a moderator or is banned from your channel.

Is there a Nightbot app?

In order to provide some extra functionality to song requests, we’ve created a small app for Windows and OSX. With this app you’ll be able to show the current song in your streaming software (such as OBS) and use hotkeys for song requests.

How do I use Spotify with Nightbot?

Open Spotify settings. Scroll to Last.fm section. Click the “Connect to Last.fm” button to connect your Last.fm account to Spotify. Add a Nightbot command to show the most recent scrobbled song (shown under Examples below)

How do I turn on Nightbot?

Ready in 3 StepsSign Up. Sign up by logging in with Twitch, YouTube, or Mixer. Your account will be automatically tied to the account you log in with.Join Nightbot. Click the “Join Channel” button on your Nightbot dashboard and follow the on-screen instructions to mod Nightbot in your channel.Ready to Go.

Can you be drunk on twitch?

Can You Drink Alcohol On Twitch? Yes, you can drink alcohol on stream. However, Twitch specifically states that a dangerous consumption of alcohol is against their terms and conditions. This means enjoying a beer or two on stream is perfectly fine but drinking excessively could result in a temporary or permanent ban.

How do you use lurk?

Lurk sentence examplesImagine the stories that must lurk in the walls of this house. … Nevertheless difficulties lurk beneath their general unity of thought and style.More items…

Can I play music on mixer?

There are two streaming apps we recommend if you want to add music to your Mixer stream: OBS Studio or XSplit. … Once you’ve found the music you want to play, it’s fairly easy to add music to Mixer using one of these streaming apps.

What is lurk command?

lurk / ! unlurk command that lets chat know they’re AFK or lurking when someone @s their username.

Is Nightbot a real person?

Nightbot is not a person, it’s a bot developed by a user named Night, who also created such things as BetterTTV.

Is Moobot safe?

Moobot. Moobot is a very trusted chatbot that very safe and good for privacy. … Moobot emulates a lot of similar features to other chatbots such as song requests, custom messages that post over time, and notifications.