Quick Answer: Can You Selectively Restore From ICloud?

How do I restore photos from iCloud to my iPhone?

Open “Settings” on your iPhone and tap on your name -> iCloud -> Manage Storage -> Backups.

To restore photos to iPhone from iCloud backup go back to the “Settings” and choose “General”.

Scroll down and find the “Reset” tab.

Here you need to choose “Erase All Content and Settings”, then “Erase now”..

Can I restore individual apps from iCloud?

Back up and restore app documents and data Payloads, profiles, and managed settings back up to iCloud and iTunes. When you restore a backup to the same device, every app is restored even if its data isn’t. … You can restore the data only if you restore the backup to the same device.

How do I get my old apps back on my iPhone?

How to redownload apps on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touchOpen the App Store app, then tap Today at the bottom of the screen.Tap the sign-in button or your photo at the top of the screen. … Tap Purchased. … Tap “Not on this [device].”Find the app that you want to download, then tap the download button .

Can I selectively restore from iCloud?

Selective restore iCloud backup is out of the question if you use the official restoration process—it is all or nothing. … They basically take the iCloud backup file and open it just like you would a package so that you can pick and choose the exact content that you want.

How do I restore from iCloud to my iPhone?

You’ll need to log in with your Apple ID; make sure you use the one associated with the iCloud Drive that hosted the file or files you want to restore. Once signed into iCloud.com, click the “Settings” button. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, below the “Advanced” section, and then click “Restore Files.”

How do I retrieve apps from iCloud?

Go to Settings > General > Reset, then tap “Erase all content and settings.” On the “Apps & Data” screen, tap “Restore from iCloud Backup”, then sign in to iCloud. Accept the Terms and Conditions. Proceed to “Choose Backup”, then choose from a list of available backups in iCloud.

How do I download from iCloud to my new iPhone?

Tap Restore from iCloud backup. Sign in to your iCloud account (This is your Apple ID). Tap Next….How to transfer your data to your new iPhone using iCloudOpen Settings on your old iPhone.Tap the Apple ID banner.Tap iCloud. … Tap iCloud Backup.Tap Back Up Now.More items…•

Can I restore iPhone with different backup?

You can restore your iPhone from a backup by giving your phone a factory reset, and then logging back into your Apple ID account. Before you restore your iPhone, you’ll need to make sure that you have a current backup of all your phone’s data — you can create one in your iPhone’s Apple ID menu.

How do I restore iPhone from a specific backup?

How to Force iTunes to Restore a Specific BackupConnect your iOS device to your computer, and then select the device when it displays within iTunes.Select the “Summary” tab, and then click the “Restore Backup…” button in the Backups section. Select the backup you want to restore from the drop-down menu, and then click the “Restore” button.

How do I get all my apps on my new iPhone?

Transfer apps & data from one iPhone to anotherStep 1: Back up. … Step 2: Turn on your new iPhone. … Step 3: Restore from iCloud/iTunes backup. … Step 4: Wait while your data is restored. … Step 1: Enable iCloud on your old iPhone. … Step 2: Enable iCloud on your new iPhone and sync data. … Step 3: Download purchased apps.

Can I selectively restore my iPhone?

You can’t selectively restore the contents of a backup file, however, you can use iCloud to synchronize Contacts and Notes, etc. (Settings > iCloud). Purchased Apps can be downloaded to the iPhone 5 at no charge.

How do I get all my apps back on my iPhone?

How to Find Previously Installed AppsFrom here, tap “Purchased.”On the next screen, tap “My Purchases.”Here, you see all the apps and games you’ve downloaded or purchased using your iCloud account. … Find the apps you want to restore, and then tap the download icon to start the installation process.More items…•

How do I retrieve backup from iCloud?

Install MobileTrans – Copy Data to Android on your Android phone, you can get it on Google Play. Open the app, there will be two ways which you can choose to transfer data to your Android phone. Tap “Import from iCloud”. Enter your Apple ID and password to sign in your iCloud account.

How do I retrieve pics from iCloud?

Part 1: Restore iCloud Photos to Android PhoneStep 1Download and Install Syncios Data Transfer.Step 2Log in the iCloud Account and Download Backup.Step 3Transfer Photos to Android Device.Step 1Connect Two Devices to Computer.Step 2Transfer Photos to Android Device.

Can you choose which iCloud backup to restore from?

From the ‘Choose Backup’ screen, choose which backup to restore. From the Keep Your iPhone Up to Date, tap Continue. If prompted, enter your Apple ID again to restore your previous purchases and apps.