Quick Answer: Can I Be An Anonymous Blogger?

Which free blog platform is best?

In this round-up, we explore the best free blogging platforms for newcomers who want to get a blog up and running.Wix.

Wix’s drag-and-drop system is made with HTML5 in mind.


Joomla is a popular tool among the blogging community.






Tumblr.More items…•.

How can I publish anonymously?

How To Publish a Book Anonymously#1. Create a manuscript of high quality. Seems like common sense, right? … #2. Choose your pen name. … #3. Make sure your contracts are in order. … #4. There’s the issue of recognition. … #5. Then you must deal with the issue of credibility. … #6. It’s difficult to remain anonymous in today’s world.

Are anonymous blogs successful?

You can be successful as an anonymous blogger and you can make money. Anonymous blogging means keeping an eye on all the common blogging mistakes but also watching out for stuff specific to hiding your identity.

What is a personal blog?

The personal blog is an ongoing online diary or commentary written by an individual, rather than a corporation or organization. … A type of weblog in which posts are written and published by more than one author.

How do I start a secret blog?

7 ways to blog anonymously {updated}Use an anonymous email account to register your blog. … Make sure your IP address isn’t logged when you register or post to the blog. … Or you could use an anonymous blogging platform. … Use a pseudonym that you don’t use anywhere else.More items…•

Can you start an anonymous blog?

Using a Psuedonym for Anonymous Blogging You will need to choose and use a pseudonym on your blog. For better WordPress security, you cannot just use admin as your username or author name. You will need to think of a different nickname that you can use to sign your posts.

Where can I write an anonymous blog?

✏ Telegra.ph. Made by the people behind the famous private messaging app Telegram, I think I’ve said enough about privacy 😉. Telegraph is simple , minimal and easy to use anonymous blogging platform. … ✏ Write.as. It is probably the most feature-rich anonymous blogging platform. … ✏ Txt. fyi.

Where can I anonymously post?

The Complete Guide to Anonymous AppsWhisper.App Store description: “Whisper is the best place to express yourself online. … Secret.Yik Yak.App Store description: “Yik Yak acts like a local bulletin board for your area by showing the most recent posts from other users around you.” … Gossup.Babbly.Cloaq.More items…•

Do people still read blogs?

Yes, people still read blogs today and will most likely continue to read them for a long time. Having said this, there are some important changes in how we read them. We are much less likely to read an entire post from start to finish, and instead, we scan for the information that is most useful to us.

How do I find my blog niche?

Enter a broad or first-level niche topic to generate a number of different keyword ideas, many of which can very well be blog niche ideas. Use each niche topic to generate new ideas. Once you have your mind map full of ideas, narrow the list down to a handful of ideas. Around 2-10 should be good.

What is the best blogging platform?

Here are our in-depth reviews of the most popular blog platforms.Wix – Best Website Builder for Blogging.WordPress – Best Blogging Software for Flexibility.Medium – Best Traditional Blogging Site.LinkedIn – Best Blog Site for Business.Instagram – Best Blog Site for Creatives.Facebook – Biggest Blog Audience.

Can you make money as an anonymous blogger?

Yes, you can make money while staying anonymous. The Blog can be entirely anonymous, you should pic a persona to do it under though. The decision of how much information you share is up to you. Link any kind of paypal to a “business name” and not your personal name and it’ll be very hard to find out who you are.

How can I promote my blog anonymously?

How to Promote an Anonymous BlogStart By Creating a Pen Name.Promote Out to Other Blogs and Related Forums.Use Medium.com and Re-Publish Your Posts.Use the Name of Your Blog or Brand.

How do I start a blog with no money?

Follow these Seven Easy Steps for a Free BlogHead to WordPress.com to start a blog for free.Choose a theme.Choose a domain.Select a Free plan.Create your account.Customize your blog.Create your first blog post.

Should I use my real name on my blog?

You may even find you want to use your real name on some of your blogs, and blog anonymously on others. You should feel free and empowered to do what you need to do, whatever that is. The important takeaway here: no matter what anyone has told you, you do not need to blog under your real legal name.