Question: Why Are The Lawyers Protesting?

What is the reason for protesting?

Protesters may organize a protest as a way of publicly making their opinions heard in an attempt to influence public opinion or government policy, or they may undertake direct action in an attempt to enact desired changes themselves..

What is NLG Portland?

The Portland Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG-PDX) has had Legal Observers in the streets every day and night who, along with members of the press, have also been the subject of police violence.

What is peaceful protesting?

Nonviolent resistance (NVR or nonviolent action) is the practice of achieving goals such as social change through symbolic protests, civil disobedience, economic or political noncooperation, satyagraha, or other methods, while being nonviolent.

Do you have the right to protest?

The right to protest is protected by both the U.S. Constitution and the Texas Constitution. The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states that “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble.

Why lawyers are protesting in Pakistan?

The Lawyers’ Movement, also known as the Movement for the Restoration of Judiciary or the Black Coat Protests, was the popular mass protest movement initiated by the lawyers of Pakistan in response to the former president and army chief Pervez Musharraf’s actions of 9 March 2007 when he unconstitutionally suspended …

Why are lawyers protesting in Lahore?

The incident was sparked by a dispute between the lawyers and the hospital. Three patients died when hundreds of lawyers attacked a hospital in Lahore during a furious dispute with doctors. … The lawyers had been protesting over the alleged mistreatment of some of their colleagues by hospital staff last month.

Why do lawyers attack pictures?

A rally attended by hundreds of lawyers stormed Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) in Lahore attacked the PIC hospital after raising slogans in different wards and some people entered into the operation theatres which led to the stoppage of the scheduled surgeries of cardiac patients.

What is most of Pakistan’s Water used for?

Farming is dominated by four water-intensive crops: wheat, sugarcane, rice and cotton. As a result, 93 per cent of the water consumed in Pakistan is used for agriculture (the global average is closer to around 70 per cent).

Which country has most water?

BrazilTotal Renewable Internal Freshwater ResourcesSNCountryTotal renewable water resources (km³)1Brazil8,2332Russia4,0673United States3,0694Canada2,902114 more rows

How can lawyers help protesters?

Meetings with, and advice to, organizers about protest actions, and legal consequences; Legal Observers® at protests and other actions; Help with setting up and running jail and bail support programs; Legal representation in case of protest arrests.

What happened in PIC Lahore?

LAHORE: Police have registered two cases on a range of charges, including terrorism and murder, against more than 250 lawyers who ran riot on Wednesday rampaging through the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC), beating up medics, nurses – and even attendants, and damaging furniture and equipment at the facility.

What is the longest protest in history?

The White House Peace Vigil is an anti-nuclear weapons peace vigil started by William Thomas in 1981. Thomas believed it to be the longest running uninterrupted anti-war protest in U.S. history.

Can you drink the water in Pakistan?

About 20% of the whole population of Pakistan has access to safe drinking water. The remaining 80% of population is forced to use unsafe drinking water due to the scarcity of safe and healthy drinking water sources.

How much water is wasted every day?

It’s Time to Test Your WaterSense! The average person unknowingly wastes up to 30 gallons of water every day. And since usable water is a limited resource, 36 states could be facing water shortage problems by 2013.