How Do I Get A New York Library Card?

Can I get a New York public library card online?


For residents of Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island: apply online at

html or in person at any NYPL location or library-sponsored event in Manhattan, the Bronx, or Staten Island..

How do I join my local library?

Becoming a membercome to Library Reception.bring two forms of identification: a photo ID and a proof of address.complete the application form [PDF 50KB]confirm you have read, and agree to abide by, the Library’s conditions of use.confirm you have read, and agree to abide by, the Computer Use Policy.

What’s the difference between Libby and OverDrive?

Libby is a new app released by OverDrive. It has the same collection of titles as the OverDrive app – it’s just a different way to access the same digital library collection. … OverDrive is the “classic” app, and is compatible with more devices, including Kindle Fire, Macs, PCs, and Windows mobile devices.

What library has the largest eBook collection?

10 Public Libraries in US and Canada Surpass 1 Million eBook DownloadsOverdrive has the largest presence all over the world, but tends to focus on North America the most. … New York Public Library (NY): (42%)Seattle Public Library (WA): (35%)Hennepin County Library (MN): (33%)Los Angeles Public Library (CA): (56%)More items…•

Do library cards work anywhere?

Q: DO I NEED A LIBRARY CARD TO USE MATERIALS INSIDE THE LIBRARY? A. Generally, you do not. Certain items, such as reference books, periodicals, newspapers, and other research and non-circulation materials can be used anywhere in the library.

Are Library cards Universal?

One’s library card here in the United States is just about a universal card. Any library, no matter how small, can borrow from most any other library, no matter how large or far away, anything a patron wants using the most wonderful invention by libraries, the inter-library loan.

Can anyone get a New York public library card?

GET A LIBRARY CARD Any person who lives, works, attends school or pays property taxes in New York State is eligible to receive a New York Public Library card free of charge. With a library card you get free access to resources and services across all New York Public Library locations.

Can a non resident get a NYC library card?

You do not need to be a resident of New York to get a NYPL library card. However, cards for non-residents are only valid for 3 months, whereas cards for residents are valid for 3 years. Note that there are 2 different links for visitors to NYC.

Do New York Public Library cards expire?

Renewing or Validating Your Library Card All adult, teen and child library cards for cardholders in the NY Metro area and NY State expire and must be renewed every three years. Cardholder expiration dates are visible in the My Account section of when you login with your library card number and PIN.

What do you need for a NYC library card?

New York City residents (within the 5 boroughs) & non-residents who work or attend school in NYCSubmit the online application form, then visit a library location to validate and pick up your card.Bring photo identification and current proof of address.More items…

Do you need a library card to enter the New York Public Library?

Adult and teen users may either apply online or in person at any New York Public Library location or Library-sponsored event. … You must first validate your account to download e-books and audiobooks and have a physical card to borrow materials, search Library databases, or reserve a computer.

Are all library cards free?

Yes, we all know that library cards are free to sign up for. … And that’s just talking about books – most public libraries also offer access to DVDs, BluRays, CDs, magazines, audiobooks, video games, and digital downloads, and that’s not even factoring in a library’s public programming or databases and online resources.

How do I get a library card online?

To register for a library card online:Go to the “My Account” page and click the “New User” button.Enter your information and click “I agree” to submit your form.After submitting the online form, you will be given a temporary library card number to place requests on library material through the VPL website.More items…

Can you borrow books from the New York Public Library?

How do I request Library materials? Using The Library’s online catalog, you may request up to 30* circulating items at a time to be delivered to the Library location of your choice. You may also place requests with the assistance of a Library staff member.

Is the New York Public Library free?

Admission is free, with the exception of some lectures that require advanced tickets to attend; for hours of operation, contact information, and details regarding tour times and special events visit the official website before planning your trip to the NY Public Library.